H&Y K-series 100mm Enthusiast Kit – V2


High transmission SCHOTT glass Circular Polariser filter,

K-series Gorilla Glass HD MRC Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filter GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop

K-series 95mm Drop in Nano SCHOTT 6 Stop Neutral Density 64 (1.8) + Circular Polarizer

K-series 95mm Drop in Nano SCHOTT Neutral Density 1000 (3.0) 10 Stop

System pouch

67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm adapters.

H&Y Luxury Filter Tote

Aviation grade aluminium alloy frame

Patented drop in CPL/ND system

Holder scales for precise alignment

Foam seal gaskets

Rail free system for no vignetting on wider lenses

Rapid attachment and better protection for your filters

Variety of optional drop in and and magnetic framed filters available

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